No More Litter Dust

Stop Litter Dust!!

Do you like cat pee and poop?  Do you love to smell it, and have a fine dust of pee-pee scented clay settle on everything in your house?  No?  WELL, look no further than the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box system.

Tidy Cats Breeze

The litter box that stops dust!

We have three cats.  So, trust me here, we know all about the joys of managing multiple litter boxes.  It is *no fun*, mainly because of how gross the entire area gets with litter and dust.  The smell of our “cat area” used to bring me to my knees.  Then my wife ordered these to try out, and we are sold.

It’s pretty easy to set up – a pee pad slides in the bottom, and the special litter goes on top.  It pretty much just dries out the poops, so they scoop right out.   And best of all – no dust.  The cats all seem to use them just fine; we were worried they wouldn’t take to the litter, but they did without issue.

Pee pads!

Pads go under.

The pee pads absorb the pee, so that just runs right through the box.  Pretty cool.  Smellin’ fresh!

The only issue we had is one of our cats is wiley and decided to pull the pee pad out from under the box.  Nothing a little tape couldn’t fix going forward.  We love these things!  Try one out and let us know how it goes.