A Must Have Cat Toy

This is the cat version of a fidget spinner.  After a long day of chilling on their bed, sleeping on your computer keyboard, and coughing up hairballs on your special pillow there is nothing your cat will want to do more than chase this little ball around this scratchy circle.  I mean, do you see this thing?  Let’s take this simple toy step-by-step so you can understand why your cat will love it.

First of all, flopping down on that middle part is something close to magical for a cat.  The scratchy center can’t be resisted.  But then, suddenly, your cat will see the ball that is trapped in the channel.  What’s this?  Your cat will nudge the ball.  The ball will move in a circle.  Your cat will LOSE THEIR MIND trying to catch that ball!  This toy is a total hit.

And if you are wondering how to make it better, let me just tell you…liberally sprinkle it with catnip.  Huzzah!  You are the best mom/dad ever!  Get one here!