Month: October 2017

Tower of Tracks

Tower of Tracks Cat Toy A Great Gift for Your Cat Holy multi-track cat toy, Batman!  This thing is awesome, and sure to be welcomed by an feline friend.  Multiple tracks stacked up, with balls captured in between.  Your cat will be batting this around forever.  One, two, three balls whirring all around is super enticing.  Keeping your cats engaged and interested, while helping them exercise – it’s a win-win.  And check out this price!  It’s a no brainer. Remember, a busy cat is a healthy cat.  And a cat playing with appropriate and interesting toys is less likely...

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Turbo Scratcher

A Must Have Cat Toy This is the cat version of a fidget spinner.  After a long day of chilling on their bed, sleeping on your computer keyboard, and coughing up hairballs on your special pillow there is nothing your cat will want to do more than chase this little ball around this scratchy circle.  I mean, do you see this thing?  Let’s take this simple toy step-by-step so you can understand why your cat will love it. First of all, flopping down on that middle part is something close to magical for a cat.  The scratchy center can’t...

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